Monday, October 18, 2010

But really, I have a good excuse

I just realized that it's been over a year since my last post. My computer refusing to let me on to Blogger Dashboard has only been an issue for about two months, which was ironically right about when I wanted to start writing again.

My main excuses are that all last fall and early winter were spent househunting. Beloved and I found a wonderful house the beginning of December and, due to daily phonecalls and a lot of focus by Beloved, we moved in on the 23rd and celebrated Christmas in our new home with my in-laws.

That brings the narrative to the beginning of the year when Beloved started having blinding headaches and noticed a swelling under his left jaw. A PETscan revealed several tumors and he went in for surgery on March 3rd where the surgeon removed three cancerous tumors and a portion of the left jugular vein due to infiltration. Beloved got a month to recover and then started three months of chemo and daily radiation. What nobody knew was that the cancer had spread to his lungs and was growing fast enough that I.V. chemo wasn't able to touch it. Four days after his last radiation treatment I took Beloved to the emergency room because his temperature was climbing. June 16th, after about a week on a ventilator in ICU he passed away surrounded by his parents, friends, and pastors. His funeral was Father's Day after which he was cremated and buried with his older brother in Colorado. Only eleven months after we came to Missouri John had become not just my Beloved but well loved by nearly everyone he had dealings with.

And of course after that my computer quit talking to Blogger and without John I couldn't fix it, but that doesn't seem to matter a whole lot at this point.

Teh Wachel is back!!

Hooray! Rachel Lucas is back to posting after nearly a year reduced to only tweeting due to having an actual real life.