Monday, June 29, 2009


Being dragged kicking and screaming into this technology age . Beloved just showed me how to IM after IMing eldest daughter this afternoon to tell her to ask me to turn on my phone, which was off due to a doctor's appointment. I've actually been quite proud of deserving the name "urban Amish" ever since I nearly laughed myself sick hearing it on Jeopardy. Heck, until I joined Ravelry I had no use for the Internet except to play webgames. Everything changes I guess.

Since he knows how much wasted time I spend at the computer I can expect to get lots of reminders now that he can IM as well as e-mail. Hopefully they will be gentle, but with only a couple of weeks 'til move day, if his company gets its act together, I have to admit that a sense of urgency is starting to develop.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Sausage and Blogs

A commenter on one of the blogs I follow quoted Bismark as saying that "legislation as with sausage should be ground out and gotten out the door." Since I'm trying to remain apolitical in this venue I won't give my thoughts on the legislation part of that. It did cause me to think though that perhaps blogs fell into the same category. After all, it's neither lack of material or of time at the computer that have prevented me from writing the last couple of months. It's starting to look as though what's preventing me is the desire for perfection and polish in the finished post. This causes said post to remain between my ears for ever. Case in point? I read that quote at least two weeks ago, had the thought instantly and am only now writing this.

I suppose the only cure will be to grind out the writing, get it written, and then edit as necessary. Onward, into a brave new future of writing!

Goodbye, perfection! Hello blogging!

Vive le, uhm... how do you say writing in French?

Well anyway, here's hoping.