Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Speaking of...

The way the internet has changed stuff, I am currently listening to a YouTube playlist of "Hindi non-stop Christian worship songs" on another tab. I also found a playlist of Mongolian praise music. It's only 15 videos long, but the fact that there is any is impressive. Of course, if I leave YouTube and go to the Antioch Mongolia site I can listen to about that number of tracks that are bilingual (another huge change). Back on YouTube, for over a month I've been listening to "177 Messianic songs, mostly in Hebrew" many of which I'd never heard before because my personal playlist is 20 years old (and on cassette tapes) from when John was dancing with ICD.

Another lovely thing is that there are comments on *each* of those playlists from other countries and other languages thanking G-d for the music and how it brings the hearts of all believers together even if the words are unknown.

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